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At Chi Life, we can help you every step of the way. Join us and take your martial arts, health, and life to the next level. What are you waiting for? 

Chi Life isn’t for everyone. Chi Life is for those who desire and require excellence. If you desire the best martial arts training available in Colorado, who’s curriculum is of world-class quality, then Chi Life is for you. If you desire to become a qualified martial arts instructor who works with us, then Chi Life is also for you.  

In order to join Chi Life as a student you must first pass our evaluation stage. Applicants who cannot pass our evaluation stage are not fit to join Chi Life. If you wish to join Chi Life and become a qualified martial arts instructor, then our requirements become much stricter. In order to become a qualified martial arts instructor for Chi Life the applicant must first pass our evaluation stage, and then must be able to clear our rigorous certification program. Get started by scheduling your Disciple Evaluation today by clicking the button below these FAQs!

Absolutely! We have a dedicated martial arts program for children.

Our goal is to help people acquire mastery in multiple areas of life. Contact us today to begin your evaluation and join us at Chi Life. 


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Not just anyone can join us at Chi Life. Applicants must pass a series of tests to insure the integrity of our material and to weed out any unqualified participants. See if you’re qualified to join us by passing our evaluation!