Creating Balance In Relationships

When Problems Arise

I would like to share some of my ideas with you in order to help you find balance in your life. I really feel that life has many twists and turns and many characteristics that can either work for us or against us. As we all know, the problems we face arise at the most inopportune moment. We have to decide not just how to solve the problem, but how we feel about the problem. This aspect is two-fold. On the one hand we have our feelings, on the other we have how to solve the problem, and in the middle is the onry monster of “The Problem”. When I have spoken to those in conflict, they want someone to hear their problem. Really understand the problem. Not solve the problem for them. I have always wondered, “Is the problem”, the true problem? I have thought many times, wouldn’t it be simpler if the negativity factor were not involved? So many problems would evaporate if people could see the valid points in the other person’s argument. Conflicts are inevitable. Our response to a problem will make a difference.

What Kind Of Answer?

A very big part of this question is alluding to the fact that there is an answer. What kind of answer do you need? Is there a simple answer or a complex one? There are many different problems, so it stands to reason that there are many different answers. Many questions, many answers to the questions. Each person has learned to solve conflict from their interactions with others throughout their lifetimes. So therefore a multitude of different approaches to our problems can be implemented. Our problems tend to grow with our age. Those who grew up in a home where chores were done, have experienced the problems involved with “getting the dishes done”, or taking the trash out, or vacuuming, or washing windows. This is what I call the an active “hands on approach”. Those who grew up not doing chores learned to deal with life’s problems in a different way. This is what I call a “theoretical, or philosophical approach”. These two approaches are examples of the way we solve our problems. Each of the many ways, have their own merits.


What Kind Of Process?

In addition to the approaches we all have to solving problems, there is the “who, what, when, where, approach. A person using this approach might be thinking, what kind of dishes, when were they bought, who bought them or what were they thinking when they bought these dishes. I use this approach quite often myself, and find that it has a more open format. There is room to find out more information about the problem. For every problem, you ask a question. Then answer with a who, what, where, question. Then make a list of all your answers. This approach tends to encompass most of the problems I run into. This is an effective approach for me, because I like the creative solutions that can be created. What is an approach you use more often than others? One other approach is the “puzzle idea”. This approach assumes that all things fit and work together no matter what. Every problem will work out somehow, someway. I have friends who use this approach. They take a problem and define it into different categories. They find out what will work for them, and what will not. This is an approach that should be highly respected in our world, due to the skill needed in implementing it. Whatever your style is, is OK. You, may be a person that incorporates a combination of all these approaches at one time or another. A book to enjoy:  Feng Shui Your Life by Jayme Barrett

To Foster Good Will In The World:

Let’s take on the viewpoint of,”If you have a problem, I have the same problem”, then we can work together to solve the problem. Let me know your comments on this idea, see below.



The Light Of Chi

Zen Garden Wall ArtZen Garden Wall Art 

Be sure to choose from a large selection of Wall Art and the many picture combinations that you may want to consider the light in each picture as this will influence the chi energy, in your room.

I am so excited I found a site that discusses feng shui in a whole new light. The Light Clinic  is located in Frankfort, KY and offers classes, appointments for multi-practitioner treatments and shares a wealth of information for those who would love to improve their life by considering the positive and negative energies that surround us everyday.  I am encouraged by color and the light through a prism.  The Designs on this website are the directions and cures to concentrate on in 2019.  It is never too late to incorporate these concepts into your home  for the 4-5 auspicious directions and the 4-5 inauspicious directions.  The light clinic gives the best directions for 2019.  The year of the pig.  They list the cures for the inauspicious directions, using lights, colors, see  Organize your home – A Lifestyle Approach.  The directions and colors are pictured here. The light clinic also mentions shapes and stones, for correcting or improving upon an area.  All of these elements work together without us even realizing it.  We can gain awareness of our surroundings by looking at each of these areas.

The Flower Of Life Drawing 

The Flower of Life designs are very versatile, and many choices abound.  This design is used in Feng Shui, by placing it under the bed in order to gain a more restful sleep.  To encourage rest and relaxation is a book for your Home Sanctuary.    The Book  Feng Shui For Healing-a step by step guide to improving wellness in your Home Sanctuary, by Feng Shui expert, Rodika Tchi, reveals how to sanctify your time and space,  she offers special breathing exercises that really help, and also help with the 9 life areas.

The Feng Shui Home Sanctuary

Stone and Beam offer home furnishing that are sure to please you.  You will feel refreshed and renewed when you are at home with their products. Please follow the link to a renewed style in your home.  Stone and Beam have a specialty section offering vintage beds and bedding.  Look up the most current ideas at  Stone and Beam.

Recipe Reviews From Krista

When I first began to think about recipe reviews, I was a little overwhelmed by all the wonderful reviews I had read on the internet. How could I possibly compete with them? Then I decided that since my firm belief is that we are all individuals, my recipe reviews will hold up to scrutiny. So, please leave a reply or comment and let me know what you think. The best recipes were made by tweaking the recipe. When recipes are made with love, (the secret ingredient) the food tastes the best. I want to encourage you to explore the new and vast resources out there. I would love to hear from you as to how these recipes turned out for you. Some of my more favorite recipes are seasonal. As fall comes around, it is all about apples. The apples create such a pleasant aroma in the kitchen and throughout the home. Now in my family we use lots of cinnamon spice making it very nice. The following recipe is one of my favorites. Apple Crisp.  This is a cookbook filled with wonderful apple recipes, and is an excellent resource in your kitchen,  Apple, Recipes From The Orchard, by James Rich. This cookbook is filled with many new recipes that you will enjoy. It is rated as a number one choice on amazon.  It includes all types of menu selections.You will be able to select that perfect recipe to add to your Fall Table. The hardcover Cookbook sells on amazon for $21.26 on Amazon.


In organizing your recipes there are a few basics to be aware of. There are several types of organizational products out on the market, that can become overwhelming for you.  I would like to introduce you to some special containers, cookbooks  that you can surely appreciate.   I have chosen a few favorites that you may love. You can have so much fun just seeing all the new products that are coming out every year. One that is very enjoyable is named, The Creative Year Recipe Large Planner, by Recollections. It sells for $39.99 and makes organizing your recipes easy. There is one thing I know you will love and that is all the different seasonal recipes that are easily accessed. It is approved 5 stars out of 5.  This cookbook will give you some awesome ideas and your recipe problems are easily solved. Buy from Amazon, and order yours here. Creative Year Recipe Large Planner.


As I was preparing this article I came across a wonderful helpful website with many excellent ideas, recipes and presented in an easy to read format. It is called, ““, by Lauren Allen. She really is helpful with her free meal plans, giving you easily accessed recipes.  She has recipes for busy people, including recipes for chicken and many other foods. You can go through her sight and find something to help with many areas of the food preparation process. She is very helpful and cares about people. This website is very uplifting in this sometimes negative world. Lauren is a mother and I can relate. The best recipes and experience are offered. I really hope you will try out some of her recipes. Her meal plans are convenient and the food does looks so good it is mouthwatering. Also, I can tell by the ingredients that she has a solid knowledge of spices and which ones to use for that special flavorful dish.  I am sure your guests will love to try a new recipe that you have prepared especially with them in mind.  If you have a few minutes, check out this websight and  you may find something delicious for dinner.


  • A cookbook by Laura Lea Goldberg and Springhouse Press is excellent. In writing these reviews I hope to offer you many good ideas that you can use. This book is a blessing. Laura Lea cares about a balanced meal, see my ideas on having a Healthy Balance  in your home.  It is my hope that this will inspire you to capture all the enjoyment that goes along with cooking. Laura Lea’s cookbook is named,  Balanced Cookbook – 120 Everyday Recipes for the Healthy Home Cook  and gives you many ideas for healthy, balanced, meals. The hardcover sells on Amazon for $29.99. The rating on this book is 5 stars. Laura Lee gives you 3 approaches to creating balanced food.
  • Use nutritious food. The fresher the better.
  • Have a kitchen that is equipped with healthy ingredients and tools
  • Encouragement to create a relaxed environment.
  • Laura Lee offers a list of frequently used spices. She mentions using “Tempeh” which is an Indonesian soy product. It is made from fermented soybeans. You can get a  Tempeh Starter Cultures Kit from Amazon. The Starter is $10.99. There are many kinds of Starter kits. There are also kits that do not contain any soy products.
  • There is a Cookbook by Lindsay Maitland Hunt entitled, Healthyish. This book is published by The Art of Books – N.Y. This cookbook is selling for $25.49 on Amazon. This is an excellent cookbook to have in your kitchen. She is so entertaining in her approach to healthy eating. She has an A to Z index, with really good ideas for cooking up some fun and nutritious food. She also offers some great ideas to making a smoothie. The book rates at 4.7 stars out of 5.0.  She makes it easy to  apply many of her ideas into your balanced life and home.

How To Make Soup From Scratch

All this talk about delicious food is making me feel hungry. When the fall, chilly weather comes around I like to make a starter for great tasting soups. The soups that have a white creamy sauce in them are made by making a white sauce. (Like potato soup). This sauce has – 2 tbls of flour, 2 tbls of butter and milk or cream (about 2 cups). Heat this on the stove but do not boil. (Doing so will make it scortch). Stir constantly so it is blended well, and looks a little glossy on top. Then the sauce is ready to add potatoes and vegetables and/or meat. Season to taste, this is sure to warm you up.

Another type of sauce is for the soups with a red base. Ministrone soup is a favorite in Minnesota, USA. This base is created by a making a tomato base. Use a can of crushed tomatos, a can of diced tomatoes and heat. Add vegetables of choice, and the meat(or sausages) and spices. I use oregano and basil. This is sure to become a family favorite. Also, the nutritional value is high. By adding different ingredients this soup base becomes a flexible way to make different soups. You can adapt this sauce to your liking, making this sauce flexible for your lifestyle.  Also you can increase the amount of soup by adding some tomato soup. Let me know how these sauces work out for you. Feel free to leave a comment below.  I enjoy reading them and learning about what works for you.


Peace Is For Everyone

My biggest problems can seem to overwhelm me. My life is out of sorts, how can I have peace? We all have thoughts like these sometimes. As the holidays approach we are reminded of the peace of family, the peace of Christmas, and the Peace that seems to elude us from time to time. Do you think Peace is something that someone just has, or is it developed? Does Peace come naturally? Our greatest Hope is Peace. With all the problems in our world, peace seems to be evasive. I wish to address the phenomenon of finding Peace.

Peace For All Mankind?

How can we possibly think that peace is for everyone. It is for whoever will partake in it. We know there are many ways that peace comes and touches us every day. The scent of a fresh breeze, gives us a sense of peace. I am sure you have many ways for peace to touch your life. We each have a regimen to our daily lives. We think we will feel more peaceful by the lake shore. Or some other location, on a long get away. Yet, peace can once again seem far away. I would like to say that peace is a frame of mind. How often we can maintain this peace of mind is the question.

What Brings You Peace?

The very fact that we can ask that question, proposes that there are many ways to have peace. There is peace for our world. Peace that would come if we could all agree on an answer. Do you believe there is an answer that we all need to have peace in our world? What Ideas of Peace do you Have? Ask your loved ones, what they think and let me know, ok? I do not want to be in the dark on this subject, and many people could benefit from your answers. As an important part of the human race, we can all learn from each other. There is a group that has been around for 25 years. They are called Pathway to Peace. They are an inspiring group and is a U.N. designated peace messenger organization for International peace. (phone: 415-461-0500).

How Can I Find Peace

I am thinking that if we start experiencing peace within ourselves there would be a ripple effect all across the globe. But how do you do that? I would like to know your thoughts on this topic. Every moment can be an exploration to find peace. Try this for just one day and it might bring more peace into your life than you ever felt possible. The key word here is exploration. The greatest scientific, educational, financial and environmental developments have happened because of someone who is creative, shows curiosity, and a propensity to exploration. Where would we be if Columbus never sailed? He could have possibly had another career. Then where would we be? I think his curiosity got the better of him. To be curious is to be alive. Most other emotions are not as important as curiosity. The more we reach a level of satisfaction with the knowledge we have, there will always be more to learn. That is what is so fun about learning new things. Do you agree? or Do you disagree? Please leave your comments at the end of this article.


I would like to offer a book for you to read. It is Daily Peace, 365 days of renewal. This is by national geographic and is a truly inspiring book of pictures and quotes. This book develops a way of finding inner peace. Excellent illustrations and thoughtful quotes will make finding inner peace a whole lot easier. The book is sold on amazon and offers hope and comfort for anyone who seeks peace. This book will also give you a daily dose of peace and offers a perspective of giving you the meaning of peace. As we do live in a contentious world, we also can have the inspiration we need if we listen and learn from those who truly do care, and offer support. Our quest for Peace will not go unfulfilled. This book will also give you a daily dose of inspiring quotations. We all need to concentrate on the things we can change.

Book Reviews Offered Here

In this section I would like to offer some book reviews of the different areas I discuss on my site.  This area will be beneficial if you do not have a lot of time, and would like to know more about them.  I am very pleased to recommend different books, dvds, etc, to help you in your quest of Chi Life.

Here are some books and the Posts that pertain to that particular area.


Feng shui Your life – Creating balanced relationships  

The Holistic Home- What is the practice of chi?

Kitchen book add to the kitchen page – Organize your kitchen  I may add a  Recipe Review Post.  It would discuss the importance  – veg. meats, etc.- in our daily food preparations.  The use of cutlery would also be discussed.Also, in the Organize Your Kitchen post, I spoke about a book containing 501 uses of salt, baking soda….etc.  Here is a recipe for you. 

Take 1/4 cup rubbing alcohol, a teaspoon of dish soap, 3 cups of water use for all-purpose cleaner.

Also I may add that I am learning a great deal about website affiliate programs and would like to introduce you to one.

The absolute best affiliate marketing University, on the net, is Wealthy Affiliate.  I speak from personal experience when I say that they are leaders in their field.

 https://www.Wealthy Affiliate  As always, Wishing you the very Best, Krista

Feng Shui Your Life, by Jayme Barrett – Sterling Ethos Pub.

This Book Review includes everything from the feng shui essentials, energy enhancements, and even relationships.  Jayme discusses the vibrations through color and what will increase your happiness and success.  She also discusses sychronisity, and the action steps to take right now.  Fresh flowers can be “food for the soul”.  This book is a true pleasure to read.  Many of the illustrations inspire action.  I felt renewed and rejuvinated as I read this book.  This book is easy to read, lets you relax with a special awareness of the importance of your life and your relationships.  I hope you will sense the importance of your life and enjoy a fellow traveler on your journey.  This book is highlighted on my post.

Creating Balance In Relationships 

The Holistic Home: Feng Shui for…

This book review is for  “The Holistic Home: Feng Shui for mind, body, spirit, and space”, by Laura Benko.

It is published by Helios Press and Skyhorse Publishing.    I love this book because it highlights all of the topics that so enhance a home, and the life of  your home.   The peaceful feeling I had when I viewed the pictures was like taking a vacation on a wonderful island.   Laura encourages the reader to release thoughts of negativity, self-doubt, cynicism… and also fear- based thinking.

She also includes the development of Calmness.  She develops the idea that you can be clear in what you want to accomplish.  She also shares a personal story about her Dad.  She invites you to step out of your comfort zone.  Make those difficult decisions, and adjust to a new way of thinking, and being.  You will find this book both enjoyable and enlightening.  I found this book to be a must have on my library shelf.

Note: More information is available on my post entitiled:

What is the practice of Chi Life?

Organizing Your Kitchen(Safety First)

Many times in our busy world we find the important little things go overlooked. At the time they may not seem to be all that important. So, when it comes to organizing your kitchen it becomes crucially important. For the reasons listed here it is best to keep in mind when refurbishing any project, especially in the Kitchen. The reworking of any space in your home can be very frustrating and should not be rushed. Most good things in life, “should not be rushed”. In order to have an orderly kitchen, a few reminders will help. How does one have an orderly kitchen. My definition would be, to find everything I need to make a meal easily. If this sounds impossible for you, it can be managed with a little planning. Also, forethought has its place in all of this change.

To Have A Kitchen That is Orderly

Actually this is the funnest room in your house. It can be a memoir of all the happiest times of family and friends visiting and talking together.  Making Plans for this room can be a delight.  Yes, even your lighting plays a factor in the overall room functions.  A room can have many functions.  The kitchen has very specific functions.  There are many kitchen offers for kitchen designs online.  It might be fun to create kitchen designs online.  You can watch a video on you tube about developing your own ideas. Go to 2020 design for kitchen designs.

Knife Sets For The Kitchen

Our basic fundamental necessity for preparing and eating nutritious food goes clear back to the caveman days. Today, though we have many more choices in our use of kitchen utensils. Thus, my best choices may not be yours, yet keep in mind that possibly you may need to come back and re-examine this in the future. The following are some ideas that may be helpful to keep in mind.  A few knife sets I would like to mention are:Japanese Knife Sets.


1. Your safety and that of your family, needs to be incorporated in the choices you make in the kitchen.

2. A health conscious approach is important, because You are important. You are the most important guest in your home. Your choices are important and also appreciated. They are uniquely you. Treat yourself well and then you will be able to treat others as well. Whatever brings you joy, will bring joy to yourself and others.

3. Chi Energy, our life energy is greatly affected by the nutritious and healthy food choices we make. To nourish our bodies we will also be encouraging positive Chi Energy.

Consider Safety


We want to avoid any potentially hazardous situations when we think about remaking any area in our home. This is especially true in the Kitchen. Everything in the kitchen has a purpose. If it does not, do not keep it. We have to limit and let go of the unnecessary, in order to grow into a new way of doing things and living a more productive lifestyle. The lights,Vinluz Contemporary 5-light large Chandeliers, Bronze stove, and even the knives have to be kept in excellent working order. Even the plumbing is important, even though it is not seen. All of these factors play a part in the functioning of the kitchen. To make your life less stressful at this time, and more enjoyable, do the following:

1. Make a plan that can be made “subject to change”, as the need arises.

2. Place a mirror above the stove so that you can see the visual atmosphere in your home. Look at your home in an all encompassing fashion, in relation to the kitchen. This will spark the ideas of the changes you want to make.

3. Pay close attention to the colors in your kitchen. The red colors will create a sense of hunger. The orange colors will create a sense of warmth, motivation, and encouragement.

4. A mirror place strategically so that the food on the table is observed in the mirror, will create a feeling of abundance.


Begin With A Good Cleaning

There are many good cleaning products out there, but also consider the similar “old-fashioned” cleaners. Baking soda, and vinegar work very well on any surface in the kitchen and when combined will clean out clogged drains. The mixture will bubble up out of the pipes and you may need a second application depending upon the nature of the clogged pipes. A helpful book is:  (501 Amazing Uses for Salt, Vinegar, Baking Soda, Olive Oil, & Lemons). These “old fashioned” products are tried and true and have lasted through time.


Organize your home – A Lifestyle Approach

The 4 Directions – Elements – Colors

North  –   East    –      South  –    West

Water  –  Wood   –     Fame    –   Metal

Blue    –  Green    –    Red    –  White/Silver


Consider your choices

Many homes are not as organized as we would like them to be. This is a common problem in many homes. Everyone in a family is busy, active and have basic human needs, creating a multitude of unending chores in one day. Many factors come into play. An illness in the family, a new baby, and other time-consuming events will take away from the time needed for organizing your home. So, how do you organize your home? A few ideas come to mind. An often overlooked issue is the factor of time. One place to start is to establish a time frame. A time frame is helpful in many ways. A time frame will give you the balance you need, to accomplish the organization of your home. By using a 15-minute guideline per task you will energize and motivate yourself by getting more done. You will feel so much better after you complete these guidelines and by learning new ways to organize your home.  A book that will help you is Feng Shui for Wellness and Wealth : Simple Feng Shui …

Where Do We Begin?

Ask, “Which room do I use the most, or visit most often?” In our environments there is a purpose for each room. The hope of finding joy in chaos or finding joy in life is part of the beginning. What would help you to like the room you are in? This is not exclusively the material items in a room but also your “feeling” of being in that room. Part of the issue besides time management are the issues of giving you peacefulness, joyfulness, quietness (stillness) and a sense of order and balance. A lifestyle approach is geared toward having balance in our lives. How much time does it take to find something? How much time does it take to go to the store to buy that item, because you cannot find it? That is what I would call the time-factor. Where is that second backup paper towel roll? Is it gone? If we have two of everything that we generally use in a day, this might cut down on the time frame that is in place. By not worrying about finding all the little things, an approach of using size as a determining factor might help. Place similar sized items in the same place. That is why we have a silverware tray. This helps to keep like sizes together, within the larger tray used to organize the knifes, forks and spoons. The same idea can be used around your home to gather it all together.

Why Is This So Important?

The answer is: Because You Are Important. You are a vast network of life teeming with energy. Your mind and soul are incorporated into your complex, miraculous body. This is a marvelous discovery for all of us when we were children growing up. Each of us have our own abilities, talents, and needs.  We will need to evaluate and accommodate our own individual lifestyles and take these into consideration when we evaluate our choices. Keep these factors in mind when you develop the lifestyle of organizing your home. In organizing your home we are organizing your life. Your own bio-rhythms will need to be considered. The high energy times, the medium, and the low. The whole process is about evolving into the best possible person you can be. Adjustments can be easily made as well. This is one way to find balance in your life.

What Is A Lifestyle Approach?

Some of the greatest days I have had, were also some of the simplest. A day when I can kick-back, kick my shoes up, and relax with a lemonade. This of course means that all of this simplicity actually took a great deal of planning. What to eat comes to mind. Do you want sandwiches or hors d’oeuvres? The amount of guests you want to have over, the choice of games that you want to play, and what are the topics that you all have in common, so that conversations can flow easily. Even after all that planning, it seems our memories forget the work involved and remember the people who came, the fun we had and most of all the laughter. I really do think laughter is the gel that keeps the world going. The commercials on television that make us laugh are the ones we most typically will remember. Funny jokes, family memories, and present funny things that happen will all work together to make the gathering a real gathering together. A lifestyle approach is the all encompassing life we have and the measurable actions that make it worthwhile.

A Home Of Order And Balance

When I think of balance in a home I think of an endeavor to create a flow of order. This opens up several ideas and possibilities. Order refers to a plan with an intended result in mind. When I think of balance, the 4 elements of feng shui come to mind: Earth, Fire, Metal, and Water; North, South, East, and West; and the colors of Blue,Green,Red, White/Silver. Some feng shui practitioners include the element of Wind. I have chosen not to include this because wind cannot be seen, only felt. Also, wind is energy (Chi Energy) which I classify differently. The idea of Chi balance is very important. Not only do the 4 elements involve the natural world, we human beings and animals are also a major part of this natural world. Even though we live in buildings and have common amenities, we are also reminded of our true balance in the world as human beings.  We hold a very unique, special, even mystical place upon the earth.  I like this because it frees the mind, body, and soul. Also, if these elements are allowed their place in our lives we gain a proper perspective or balance for our lives. Everything has its own place. This could also be extended to the organized business world we all face at one time or another. Everything in a schedule also has its own place and time. If we allow ourselves to view our lives in this manner, I believe we would not only gain peace, but also clarity, self-discipline and serenity.

In Summary

Our lives are busy, hectic, and stressful. Our homes are our sanctuary. To keep everything in balance we can use several approaches. The lifestyle approach is all-encompassing. “The full picture is sometimes hard to see through all the trees”.  My goal is to offer you some solutions to having a sense of order and balance.



Is Joy Really Possible?

Our world is searching for several ways to gain more peace, love and joy. I would like to suggest that Joy really is possible. When we enjoy doing something or being with someone that is also joy. Life can be a journey of self discovery. To experience joy is an added benefit in our lives. For all the joy to had, why are there people who do not show any type of joy in their lives? I believe this shows a lack of having balanced energy. Energy comes in many forms and in many ways. Joy also comes into our lives when we attune ourselves to the energy within us and mix it with a pleasant memory, a golden sunset, a little animal, a scenic lake. Everything around us in this world can bring us joy. What makes you feel joyful? There are so many things that you can add to the above list. I hope you have a joyful time reading this.

What Is Joy Made Of?

The definition of joy is the acquisition or expectation of good according to Websters Dictionary. Based on that definition, joy would be difficult to attain. Why? Well if acquisition is required, what about children who experience joy without material gain? Also, if the expectation of good is necessary for joy to occur then few depressed, ill, or overworked people would ever experience joy. I believe joy is so much bigger than this definition. A basic simple definition is in order. A better way to see Joy would be to not just look at our expectations or the acquiring of wealth, homes, cars, etc but also to look at our emotions as a factor in establishing joy in our lives. Are there not some things we can do today to bring more joy into our lives? This article offers some solutions to making more joy come into your world.

Do We Have Emotional Joy?

Many would agree that we generally do. I have not yet performed a survey on this question. However, my personal response would be yes. Emotional joy by my definition is to include mind, body, and soul. Mental Joy? What is required to have mental joy? A joyful mind is full of exuberant thoughts that lead to positive actions. These are thoughts that can be relished like a fine wine. The body and robust aroma, flavor, and texture are all a part of the joy of drinking a fine wine. What is there about our emotions that creates Joy? So, do our emotions carry our body, mind, and soul? Or, I would assert that the body, mind, and soul create our emotions. There is a factor of energy involved in the process of creating joy. We can call it a joy threshold that actually is necessary in order to sustain joy. Our soul is also involved and needs to be recognized as the place where our joy reigns supreme.  A book entitled: Awakening Joy – By James Baraz is worth noticing.

What Is Your Joy Threshold?

First off what is a Joy threshold? For the purposes of this article I am using the concept of a gate or doorway. This is where your joyful energy can expound into the world. The best way to describe this is opening your door on a breezy day and smiling as the breeze embraces you. You can feel it, but you can not see it. This sounds rather mystical at first glance. The essence of joy is that it can be experienced through the senses. Sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell, are the 5 senses we generally use. When joy is experienced, one or more of these senses are involved. Thus, a joy threshold involves the mind, the five senses, and the soul. How often are you joyful in a day. Add this up to gain your joy threshold.

What Does It Mean To Have Joy In Your Life?

You may think that joy is exclusive for each person. I would venture to say though that since we are human beings, we can experience on several levels. If life can be complex, so can our senses (our emotions). The senses we have for making lasting joy in our lives are in categories. Some of these categories are on a surface level and some are on a more solid soul level. When joy is in our life, we are free from the pressures that life can bring. We are intellectually tuned into our world, we are using our five senses, and feeling peace in our soul. That is a tall order for joy to perform in our lives. Wouldn’t you agree? A peaceful heart is the result. Joy can build to a crescendo that is positively life changing. If we are doing the actions to foster joy, we begin to understand the deeper things in life. The problem comes in when we do not make room for the joy threshold. How do we do this? Here are a few ideas to get you started.

  • Make Some Quiet Time for yourself.
    • Make a book of pictures that bring you joy.
      • Use a photo album or assorted pictures you have collected.
        • Slow down your thinking.
          • Take Deep Slow Breaths.
            • Dim the lights, or light a candle.


Our most challenging times make us stronger and we can appreciate joy much more fully. The way to have joy in your life is to start remembering all the special moments that have happened to you. Even all the fun little things that happened in your childhood. Funny jokes that made you laugh. Sometimes it’s the smell of a familiar scent. Sometimes it is the joy of the morning sun. Sometimes it is the moon. Sometimes it is a walk by the ocean or your favorite outdoor activity. The important thing is to get centered by putting your past in the past, your present, in the present, and develop a real concrete joy for the future. To have joy in your life is so important for the world, because you are important to the world. We are here on earth to enjoy it.