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Master Clarke dominated and won the Heavyweight Traditional Fighting division at the first U.S. National Kung Fu Tournament in 1986 at Houston, Texas. Afterwards, in 1987, 1988, and 1989 he conquered the Heavyweight Push-Hands division and won the U.S. National Championships, brought home 3 gold medals, and qualified for Internationals. In 1989 he traveled to Seoul, Korea and represented the U.S. Team in the Full Contact division at The Asian Cup; ultimately earning himself the World Championship title. During his reign, he also won two gold medals and three silver medals for the U.S. team in 1996 during the South American Championship held in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Besides his competitive past history as a martial arts world champion, Master Clarke has also starred in films and now spends his time promoting martial arts around the world by conducting and attending seminars. However, Chi Life is about more than just our founder; it’s about all of us being brave enough to strive towards our goals and turn them into a reality. Keep scrolling to get a sneak peek into our growing community of martial arts enthusiasts, seekers, dreamers, and more!

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Becoming a Student of Chi Life

In order to join Chi Life as a student, we believe it’s best to first evaluate the program and see if we’re a fit for each other.
Chi Life believes that we should spend a little time together to see how you feel about the methods and direction of the study.
We would like to be amongst those who are truly sincere about the study.
We’re more of a private study group and prefer to work with others who are truly serious about the education of internal arts and flow.
Chi Life centers around the study of Chinese opera, mime, and the moving meditation of tai chi and related art forms.
We highly recommend you come in for a visit and take a class, have some tea, and feel the vibration!

Becoming an Instructor

If you wish to join Chi Life to become a qualified internal arts instructor, set up a meeting and we’ll talk about the requirements.
All applicants for the instructor program must pass our evaluation stage, and must be able to pass our T.I.C ( teacher, instructor, coach ) certification program. 
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Our goal is to help people acquire mastery in multiple areas of life. We serve Englewood, Colorado and the surrounding areas of Denver! Contact us today at (720)-244-3927 or schedule an appointment to begin your evaluation and join us at Chi Life.


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