Peace Is For Everyone

My biggest problems can seem to overwhelm me. My life is out of sorts, how can I have peace? We all have thoughts like these sometimes. As the holidays approach we are reminded of the peace of family, the peace of Christmas, and the Peace that seems to elude us from time to time. Do you think Peace is something that someone just has, or is it developed? Does Peace come naturally? Our greatest Hope is Peace. With all the problems in our world, peace seems to be evasive. I wish to address the phenomenon of finding Peace.

Peace For All Mankind?

How can we possibly think that peace is for everyone. It is for whoever will partake in it. We know there are many ways that peace comes and touches us every day. The scent of a fresh breeze, gives us a sense of peace. I am sure you have many ways for peace to touch your life. We each have a regimen to our daily lives. We think we will feel more peaceful by the lake shore. Or some other location, on a long get away. Yet, peace can once again seem far away. I would like to say that peace is a frame of mind. How often we can maintain this peace of mind is the question.

What Brings You Peace?

The very fact that we can ask that question, proposes that there are many ways to have peace. There is peace for our world. Peace that would come if we could all agree on an answer. Do you believe there is an answer that we all need to have peace in our world? What Ideas of Peace do you Have? Ask your loved ones, what they think and let me know, ok? I do not want to be in the dark on this subject, and many people could benefit from your answers. As an important part of the human race, we can all learn from each other. There is a group that has been around for 25 years. They are called Pathway to Peace. They are an inspiring group and is a U.N. designated peace messenger organization for International peace. (phone: 415-461-0500).

How Can I Find Peace

I am thinking that if we start experiencing peace within ourselves there would be a ripple effect all across the globe. But how do you do that? I would like to know your thoughts on this topic. Every moment can be an exploration to find peace. Try this for just one day and it might bring more peace into your life than you ever felt possible. The key word here is exploration. The greatest scientific, educational, financial and environmental developments have happened because of someone who is creative, shows curiosity, and a propensity to exploration. Where would we be if Columbus never sailed? He could have possibly had another career. Then where would we be? I think his curiosity got the better of him. To be curious is to be alive. Most other emotions are not as important as curiosity. The more we reach a level of satisfaction with the knowledge we have, there will always be more to learn. That is what is so fun about learning new things. Do you agree? or Do you disagree? Please leave your comments at the end of this article.


I would like to offer a book for you to read. It is Daily Peace, 365 days of renewal. This is by national geographic and is a truly inspiring book of pictures and quotes. This book develops a way of finding inner peace. Excellent illustrations and thoughtful quotes will make finding inner peace a whole lot easier. The book is sold on amazon and offers hope and comfort for anyone who seeks peace. This book will also give you a daily dose of peace and offers a perspective of giving you the meaning of peace. As we do live in a contentious world, we also can have the inspiration we need if we listen and learn from those who truly do care, and offer support. Our quest for Peace will not go unfulfilled. This book will also give you a daily dose of inspiring quotations. We all need to concentrate on the things we can change.

Book Reviews Offered Here

In this section I would like to offer some book reviews of the different areas I discuss on my site.  This area will be beneficial if you do not have a lot of time, and would like to know more about them.  I am very pleased to recommend different books, dvds, etc, to help you in your quest of Chi Life.

Here are some books and the Posts that pertain to that particular area.


Feng shui Your life – Creating balanced relationships  

The Holistic Home- What is the practice of chi?

Kitchen book add to the kitchen page – Organize your kitchen  I may add a  Recipe Review Post.  It would discuss the importance  – veg. meats, etc.- in our daily food preparations.  The use of cutlery would also be discussed.Also, in the Organize Your Kitchen post, I spoke about a book containing 501 uses of salt, baking soda….etc.  Here is a recipe for you. 

Take 1/4 cup rubbing alcohol, a teaspoon of dish soap, 3 cups of water use for all-purpose cleaner.

Also I may add that I am learning a great deal about website affiliate programs and would like to introduce you to one.

The absolute best affiliate marketing University, on the net, is Wealthy Affiliate.  I speak from personal experience when I say that they are leaders in their field.

 https://www.Wealthy Affiliate  As always, Wishing you the very Best, Krista

Feng Shui Your Life, by Jayme Barrett – Sterling Ethos Pub.

This Book Review includes everything from the feng shui essentials, energy enhancements, and even relationships.  Jayme discusses the vibrations through color and what will increase your happiness and success.  She also discusses sychronisity, and the action steps to take right now.  Fresh flowers can be “food for the soul”.  This book is a true pleasure to read.  Many of the illustrations inspire action.  I felt renewed and rejuvinated as I read this book.  This book is easy to read, lets you relax with a special awareness of the importance of your life and your relationships.  I hope you will sense the importance of your life and enjoy a fellow traveler on your journey.  This book is highlighted on my post.

Creating Balance In Relationships 

The Holistic Home: Feng Shui for…

This book review is for  “The Holistic Home: Feng Shui for mind, body, spirit, and space”, by Laura Benko.

It is published by Helios Press and Skyhorse Publishing.    I love this book because it highlights all of the topics that so enhance a home, and the life of  your home.   The peaceful feeling I had when I viewed the pictures was like taking a vacation on a wonderful island.   Laura encourages the reader to release thoughts of negativity, self-doubt, cynicism… and also fear- based thinking.

She also includes the development of Calmness.  She develops the idea that you can be clear in what you want to accomplish.  She also shares a personal story about her Dad.  She invites you to step out of your comfort zone.  Make those difficult decisions, and adjust to a new way of thinking, and being.  You will find this book both enjoyable and enlightening.  I found this book to be a must have on my library shelf.

Note: More information is available on my post entitiled:

What is the practice of Chi Life?

Organizing Your Kitchen(Safety First)

Many times in our busy world we find the important little things go overlooked. At the time they may not seem to be all that important. So, when it comes to organizing your kitchen it becomes crucially important. For the reasons listed here it is best to keep in mind when refurbishing any project, especially in the Kitchen. The reworking of any space in your home can be very frustrating and should not be rushed. Most good things in life, “should not be rushed”. In order to have an orderly kitchen, a few reminders will help. How does one have an orderly kitchen. My definition would be, to find everything I need to make a meal easily. If this sounds impossible for you, it can be managed with a little planning. Also, forethought has its place in all of this change.

To Have A Kitchen That is Orderly

Actually this is the funnest room in your house. It can be a memoir of all the happiest times of family and friends visiting and talking together.  Making Plans for this room can be a delight.  Yes, even your lighting plays a factor in the overall room functions.  A room can have many functions.  The kitchen has very specific functions.  There are many kitchen offers for kitchen designs online.  It might be fun to create kitchen designs online.  You can watch a video on you tube about developing your own ideas. Go to 2020 design for kitchen designs.

Knife Sets For The Kitchen

Our basic fundamental necessity for preparing and eating nutritious food goes clear back to the caveman days. Today, though we have many more choices in our use of kitchen utensils. Thus, my best choices may not be yours, yet keep in mind that possibly you may need to come back and re-examine this in the future. The following are some ideas that may be helpful to keep in mind.  A few knife sets I would like to mention are:Japanese Knife Sets.


1. Your safety and that of your family, needs to be incorporated in the choices you make in the kitchen.

2. A health conscious approach is important, because You are important. You are the most important guest in your home. Your choices are important and also appreciated. They are uniquely you. Treat yourself well and then you will be able to treat others as well. Whatever brings you joy, will bring joy to yourself and others.

3. Chi Energy, our life energy is greatly affected by the nutritious and healthy food choices we make. To nourish our bodies we will also be encouraging positive Chi Energy.

Consider Safety


We want to avoid any potentially hazardous situations when we think about remaking any area in our home. This is especially true in the Kitchen. Everything in the kitchen has a purpose. If it does not, do not keep it. We have to limit and let go of the unnecessary, in order to grow into a new way of doing things and living a more productive lifestyle. The lights,Vinluz Contemporary 5-light large Chandeliers, Bronze stove, and even the knives have to be kept in excellent working order. Even the plumbing is important, even though it is not seen. All of these factors play a part in the functioning of the kitchen. To make your life less stressful at this time, and more enjoyable, do the following:

1. Make a plan that can be made “subject to change”, as the need arises.

2. Place a mirror above the stove so that you can see the visual atmosphere in your home. Look at your home in an all encompassing fashion, in relation to the kitchen. This will spark the ideas of the changes you want to make.

3. Pay close attention to the colors in your kitchen. The red colors will create a sense of hunger. The orange colors will create a sense of warmth, motivation, and encouragement.

4. A mirror place strategically so that the food on the table is observed in the mirror, will create a feeling of abundance.


Begin With A Good Cleaning

There are many good cleaning products out there, but also consider the similar “old-fashioned” cleaners. Baking soda, and vinegar work very well on any surface in the kitchen and when combined will clean out clogged drains. The mixture will bubble up out of the pipes and you may need a second application depending upon the nature of the clogged pipes. A helpful book is:  (501 Amazing Uses for Salt, Vinegar, Baking Soda, Olive Oil, & Lemons). These “old fashioned” products are tried and true and have lasted through time.