The Light Of Chi

Zen Garden Wall ArtZen Garden Wall Art 

Be sure to choose from a large selection of Wall Art and the many picture combinations that you may want to consider the light in each picture as this will influence the chi energy, in your room.

I am so excited I found a site that discusses feng shui in a whole new light. The Light Clinic  is located in Frankfort, KY and offers classes, appointments for multi-practitioner treatments and shares a wealth of information for those who would love to improve their life by considering the positive and negative energies that surround us everyday.  I am encouraged by color and the light through a prism.  The Designs on this website are the directions and cures to concentrate on in 2019.  It is never too late to incorporate these concepts into your home  for the 4-5 auspicious directions and the 4-5 inauspicious directions.  The light clinic gives the best directions for 2019.  The year of the pig.  They list the cures for the inauspicious directions, using lights, colors, see  Organize your home – A Lifestyle Approach.  The directions and colors are pictured here. The light clinic also mentions shapes and stones, for correcting or improving upon an area.  All of these elements work together without us even realizing it.  We can gain awareness of our surroundings by looking at each of these areas.

The Flower Of Life Drawing 

The Flower of Life designs are very versatile, and many choices abound.  This design is used in Feng Shui, by placing it under the bed in order to gain a more restful sleep.  To encourage rest and relaxation is a book for your Home Sanctuary.    The Book  Feng Shui For Healing-a step by step guide to improving wellness in your Home Sanctuary, by Feng Shui expert, Rodika Tchi, reveals how to sanctify your time and space,  she offers special breathing exercises that really help, and also help with the 9 life areas.

The Feng Shui Home Sanctuary

Stone and Beam offer home furnishing that are sure to please you.  You will feel refreshed and renewed when you are at home with their products. Please follow the link to a renewed style in your home.  Stone and Beam have a specialty section offering vintage beds and bedding.  Look up the most current ideas at  Stone and Beam.

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  1. I must say that you’ve done a great job here, one thing I like about chi is that no matter how much it is discussed by different people, you’ll always have something to learn from it and understanding the power of Chi of light is really interesting. I’ll make sure I bookmark this website in case of next time when I’ll need it’s help and I’ll also share around to some other platforms. Thanks 

    1. I am always fascinated to learn other people’s ideas on Chi.  Thank you for your comment.  All the Best,Krista

  2. Hello Krista, I must say that I found your article very helpful and informative. I did not hear about chi life so far but I actually see the good potential in it. Having a balance in life is the most important thing and luckily, I don’t need much to achieve it. I can’t wait to see more of your text. Cheers, Danijel

    1. Thank You, Danijel, You have reached the same conclusion I have.  The world needs the motivation and energy found in  Your comment meant alot to me.  All the Best, Krista

  3. Well, I would have not known that this is really in existence. Thank you so much for this and I will try to make good use of this post. Also, I would like to get much more explicit details on this Chi. Thank you so much

    1. I am so glad you found my website.  I want to thank you for wanting to learn more about Chi-life Energy.  I appreciate your comments. All the Best to you, Krista

  4. One of the most essentials in life is balance, it’s is very important to keep balance of everything you do in your day to day Life in order to have a well coordinated and structured lifestyle. I really love expanding my knowledge especially when it deals with issues like chi, I’ll take my time to check through these bookmarks and I know I’ll gain so much from them. It’s nice to have this opportunity.

    1. I am so pleased.  Feel Free to read other posts on my website.  I am quite encouraged by your comments and will endeavor to write more posts.  So many times, we take the small things for granted, like a smile. 😊  All the Best, Krista

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