Peace Is For Everyone

My biggest problems can seem to overwhelm me. My life is out of sorts, how can I have peace? We all have thoughts like these sometimes. As the holidays approach we are reminded of the peace of family, the peace of Christmas, and the Peace that seems to elude us from time to time. Do you think Peace is something that someone just has, or is it developed? Does Peace come naturally? Our greatest Hope is Peace. With all the problems in our world, peace seems to be evasive. I wish to address the phenomenon of finding Peace.

Peace For All Mankind?

How can we possibly think that peace is for everyone. It is for whoever will partake in it. We know there are many ways that peace comes and touches us every day. The scent of a fresh breeze, gives us a sense of peace. I am sure you have many ways for peace to touch your life. We each have a regimen to our daily lives. We think we will feel more peaceful by the lake shore. Or some other location, on a long get away. Yet, peace can once again seem far away. I would like to say that peace is a frame of mind. How often we can maintain this peace of mind is the question.

What Brings You Peace?

The very fact that we can ask that question, proposes that there are many ways to have peace. There is peace for our world. Peace that would come if we could all agree on an answer. Do you believe there is an answer that we all need to have peace in our world? What Ideas of Peace do you Have? Ask your loved ones, what they think and let me know, ok? I do not want to be in the dark on this subject, and many people could benefit from your answers. As an important part of the human race, we can all learn from each other. There is a group that has been around for 25 years. They are called Pathway to Peace. They are an inspiring group and is a U.N. designated peace messenger organization for International peace. (phone: 415-461-0500).

How Can I Find Peace

I am thinking that if we start experiencing peace within ourselves there would be a ripple effect all across the globe. But how do you do that? I would like to know your thoughts on this topic. Every moment can be an exploration to find peace. Try this for just one day and it might bring more peace into your life than you ever felt possible. The key word here is exploration. The greatest scientific, educational, financial and environmental developments have happened because of someone who is creative, shows curiosity, and a propensity to exploration. Where would we be if Columbus never sailed? He could have possibly had another career. Then where would we be? I think his curiosity got the better of him. To be curious is to be alive. Most other emotions are not as important as curiosity. The more we reach a level of satisfaction with the knowledge we have, there will always be more to learn. That is what is so fun about learning new things. Do you agree? or Do you disagree? Please leave your comments at the end of this article.


I would like to offer a book for you to read. It is Daily Peace, 365 days of renewal. This is by national geographic and is a truly inspiring book of pictures and quotes. This book develops a way of finding inner peace. Excellent illustrations and thoughtful quotes will make finding inner peace a whole lot easier. The book is sold on amazon and offers hope and comfort for anyone who seeks peace. This book will also give you a daily dose of peace and offers a perspective of giving you the meaning of peace. As we do live in a contentious world, we also can have the inspiration we need if we listen and learn from those who truly do care, and offer support. Our quest for Peace will not go unfulfilled. This book will also give you a daily dose of inspiring quotations. We all need to concentrate on the things we can change.