Is Joy Really Possible?

Our world is searching for several ways to gain more peace, love and joy. I would like to suggest that Joy really is possible. When we enjoy doing something or being with someone that is also joy. Life can be a journey of self discovery. To experience joy is an added benefit in our lives. For all the joy to had, why are there people who do not show any type of joy in their lives? I believe this shows a lack of having balanced energy. Energy comes in many forms and in many ways. Joy also comes into our lives when we attune ourselves to the energy within us and mix it with a pleasant memory, a golden sunset, a little animal, a scenic lake. Everything around us in this world can bring us joy. What makes you feel joyful? There are so many things that you can add to the above list. I hope you have a joyful time reading this.

What Is Joy Made Of?

The definition of joy is the acquisition or expectation of good according to Websters Dictionary. Based on that definition, joy would be difficult to attain. Why? Well if acquisition is required, what about children who experience joy without material gain? Also, if the expectation of good is necessary for joy to occur then few depressed, ill, or overworked people would ever experience joy. I believe joy is so much bigger than this definition. A basic simple definition is in order. A better way to see Joy would be to not just look at our expectations or the acquiring of wealth, homes, cars, etc but also to look at our emotions as a factor in establishing joy in our lives. Are there not some things we can do today to bring more joy into our lives? This article offers some solutions to making more joy come into your world.

Do We Have Emotional Joy?

Many would agree that we generally do. I have not yet performed a survey on this question. However, my personal response would be yes. Emotional joy by my definition is to include mind, body, and soul. Mental Joy? What is required to have mental joy? A joyful mind is full of exuberant thoughts that lead to positive actions. These are thoughts that can be relished like a fine wine. The body and robust aroma, flavor, and texture are all a part of the joy of drinking a fine wine. What is there about our emotions that creates Joy? So, do our emotions carry our body, mind, and soul? Or, I would assert that the body, mind, and soul create our emotions. There is a factor of energy involved in the process of creating joy. We can call it a joy threshold that actually is necessary in order to sustain joy. Our soul is also involved and needs to be recognized as the place where our joy reigns supreme.  A book entitled: Awakening Joy – By James Baraz is worth noticing.

What Is Your Joy Threshold?

First off what is a Joy threshold? For the purposes of this article I am using the concept of a gate or doorway. This is where your joyful energy can expound into the world. The best way to describe this is opening your door on a breezy day and smiling as the breeze embraces you. You can feel it, but you can not see it. This sounds rather mystical at first glance. The essence of joy is that it can be experienced through the senses. Sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell, are the 5 senses we generally use. When joy is experienced, one or more of these senses are involved. Thus, a joy threshold involves the mind, the five senses, and the soul. How often are you joyful in a day. Add this up to gain your joy threshold.

What Does It Mean To Have Joy In Your Life?

You may think that joy is exclusive for each person. I would venture to say though that since we are human beings, we can experience on several levels. If life can be complex, so can our senses (our emotions). The senses we have for making lasting joy in our lives are in categories. Some of these categories are on a surface level and some are on a more solid soul level. When joy is in our life, we are free from the pressures that life can bring. We are intellectually tuned into our world, we are using our five senses, and feeling peace in our soul. That is a tall order for joy to perform in our lives. Wouldn’t you agree? A peaceful heart is the result. Joy can build to a crescendo that is positively life changing. If we are doing the actions to foster joy, we begin to understand the deeper things in life. The problem comes in when we do not make room for the joy threshold. How do we do this? Here are a few ideas to get you started.

  • Make Some Quiet Time for yourself.
    • Make a book of pictures that bring you joy.
      • Use a photo album or assorted pictures you have collected.
        • Slow down your thinking.
          • Take Deep Slow Breaths.
            • Dim the lights, or light a candle.


Our most challenging times make us stronger and we can appreciate joy much more fully. The way to have joy in your life is to start remembering all the special moments that have happened to you. Even all the fun little things that happened in your childhood. Funny jokes that made you laugh. Sometimes it’s the smell of a familiar scent. Sometimes it is the joy of the morning sun. Sometimes it is the moon. Sometimes it is a walk by the ocean or your favorite outdoor activity. The important thing is to get centered by putting your past in the past, your present, in the present, and develop a real concrete joy for the future. To have joy in your life is so important for the world, because you are important to the world. We are here on earth to enjoy it.