Organize your home – A Lifestyle Approach

The 4 Directions – Elements – Colors

North  –   East    –      South  –    West

Water  –  Wood   –     Fame    –   Metal

Blue    –  Green    –    Red    –  White/Silver


Consider your choices

Many homes are not as organized as we would like them to be. This is a common problem in many homes. Everyone in a family is busy, active and have basic human needs, creating a multitude of unending chores in one day. Many factors come into play. An illness in the family, a new baby, and other time-consuming events will take away from the time needed for organizing your home. So, how do you organize your home? A few ideas come to mind. An often overlooked issue is the factor of time. One place to start is to establish a time frame. A time frame is helpful in many ways. A time frame will give you the balance you need, to accomplish the organization of your home. By using a 15-minute guideline per task you will energize and motivate yourself by getting more done. You will feel so much better after you complete these guidelines and by learning new ways to organize your home.  A book that will help you is Feng Shui for Wellness and Wealth : Simple Feng Shui …

Where Do We Begin?

Ask, “Which room do I use the most, or visit most often?” In our environments there is a purpose for each room. The hope of finding joy in chaos or finding joy in life is part of the beginning. What would help you to like the room you are in? This is not exclusively the material items in a room but also your “feeling” of being in that room. Part of the issue besides time management are the issues of giving you peacefulness, joyfulness, quietness (stillness) and a sense of order and balance. A lifestyle approach is geared toward having balance in our lives. How much time does it take to find something? How much time does it take to go to the store to buy that item, because you cannot find it? That is what I would call the time-factor. Where is that second backup paper towel roll? Is it gone? If we have two of everything that we generally use in a day, this might cut down on the time frame that is in place. By not worrying about finding all the little things, an approach of using size as a determining factor might help. Place similar sized items in the same place. That is why we have a silverware tray. This helps to keep like sizes together, within the larger tray used to organize the knifes, forks and spoons. The same idea can be used around your home to gather it all together.

Why Is This So Important?

The answer is: Because You Are Important. You are a vast network of life teeming with energy. Your mind and soul are incorporated into your complex, miraculous body. This is a marvelous discovery for all of us when we were children growing up. Each of us have our own abilities, talents, and needs.  We will need to evaluate and accommodate our own individual lifestyles and take these into consideration when we evaluate our choices. Keep these factors in mind when you develop the lifestyle of organizing your home. In organizing your home we are organizing your life. Your own bio-rhythms will need to be considered. The high energy times, the medium, and the low. The whole process is about evolving into the best possible person you can be. Adjustments can be easily made as well. This is one way to find balance in your life.

What Is A Lifestyle Approach?

Some of the greatest days I have had, were also some of the simplest. A day when I can kick-back, kick my shoes up, and relax with a lemonade. This of course means that all of this simplicity actually took a great deal of planning. What to eat comes to mind. Do you want sandwiches or hors d’oeuvres? The amount of guests you want to have over, the choice of games that you want to play, and what are the topics that you all have in common, so that conversations can flow easily. Even after all that planning, it seems our memories forget the work involved and remember the people who came, the fun we had and most of all the laughter. I really do think laughter is the gel that keeps the world going. The commercials on television that make us laugh are the ones we most typically will remember. Funny jokes, family memories, and present funny things that happen will all work together to make the gathering a real gathering together. A lifestyle approach is the all encompassing life we have and the measurable actions that make it worthwhile.

A Home Of Order And Balance

When I think of balance in a home I think of an endeavor to create a flow of order. This opens up several ideas and possibilities. Order refers to a plan with an intended result in mind. When I think of balance, the 4 elements of feng shui come to mind: Earth, Fire, Metal, and Water; North, South, East, and West; and the colors of Blue,Green,Red, White/Silver. Some feng shui practitioners include the element of Wind. I have chosen not to include this because wind cannot be seen, only felt. Also, wind is energy (Chi Energy) which I classify differently. The idea of Chi balance is very important. Not only do the 4 elements involve the natural world, we human beings and animals are also a major part of this natural world. Even though we live in buildings and have common amenities, we are also reminded of our true balance in the world as human beings.  We hold a very unique, special, even mystical place upon the earth.  I like this because it frees the mind, body, and soul. Also, if these elements are allowed their place in our lives we gain a proper perspective or balance for our lives. Everything has its own place. This could also be extended to the organized business world we all face at one time or another. Everything in a schedule also has its own place and time. If we allow ourselves to view our lives in this manner, I believe we would not only gain peace, but also clarity, self-discipline and serenity.

In Summary

Our lives are busy, hectic, and stressful. Our homes are our sanctuary. To keep everything in balance we can use several approaches. The lifestyle approach is all-encompassing. “The full picture is sometimes hard to see through all the trees”.  My goal is to offer you some solutions to having a sense of order and balance.